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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Unit 2 - Space

Its the beginning of a new project and this one is called Space. Were we have to to produce 3 fully-resolves concept paintings of new CG animated adaptation of a classic story. I pulled folder 3 out of the blue box which is two different extracts for two different books by Edgar Allan Poe. The first on being The Pit and the Pendulum. Just by quickly scanning over the text i can see that their are several descriptions that i could uses to produce my concept paintings from this extract. The second of the two extracts was The fall of the House of Usher. 

When first found out what classic story i had i was a bit nervous about the books i got. But after looking at the extracts i found several different ways i could go because i found them very in depth descriptions of the scenes that was happening within the story. I think that the next step for me would be to look at the book in my depth and to re-read the extracts to see if i missed anything that could help with the development of my concept paintings

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  1. Hey Sasha,

    Poe can be a bit stodgy to the modern reader, BUT, there are some very evocative descriptions here; the exterior/interior of the House of Usher is classic gothic/spook house territory. Remember too, that you're being commissioned to generate the concept art for a CG animated version of the 2 stories - therefore, you can be strong and bold and 'Expressionistic' when it comes to creating these worlds. I encourage you to look to painters/illustrators/sculpture/architecture/engravings in your search for an innovative approach. Be bold, Sasha - and at this stage, look as far and as wide as possible for the 'key' to picturing these environments. Enjoy this stage - and be sure to use your influence maps as way of archiving journeys taken and ideas hatched! Have fun.