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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Texture to Hybrid- Feedback Needed Please

When adding texture to my hybrid i decided to just to add the texture of Iguana but instead of covering the whole hybrid in this texture i decided to have patch's of it. So this would show the transformation in progress. The thing is i just cant help feeling that their is something wrong with it and i cant put my finger on it so any feedback would be helpful.


  1. I see your plan now, thats an interesting take on the work.
    In terms of something wrong, it might be the length of the forearm, unless thats done on purpose for your creature?

    (hope that's somewhat helpful)

  2. I think the issue is to with the pose more than anything - and the relationship of the hybrid to the space surrounding it; the profile is a very '2 dimensional' choice; everything is totally side-on to the viewer. You may have chosen this because you were daunted by the inevitable foreshortening etc. that comes with a more dynamic pose, but, if time were not now an issue, I'd coax you into being more bold with the positioning of your creature. Is your hybrid sitting on the floor, or on a branch or something; I ask this because the tail appears to be hanging down more than lying on the floor?

  3. Phils right, foreshortening of the tail for example would have given the effect of it sitting on the floor or something. What could be happening in your image is that she is sitting on a branch or something.

    A quick tip, I struggle with foreshortening and perspective in drawing too. Maya is a powerful tool, mock up shapes and things in maya, position your camera, and make the reference you need yourself. This will make your life easier when drawing.