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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Research into My Animal

Here are some drawings i have done of my animal to help me undestand the antomy which will help me with my hybrid. My animal that i have got it the Green Iguana. The first set of images are just sketchs of my animal so that i could just look at the animal from different angles and also different types that you can get to get a feel for my animal.

With the next set of sketch i looked at the anatomy of the iguana and the different features of the animal that i could use for my hybrid such as the hand, tail etc.

They are several different parts of my animal that i find interesting and think would be good to incorprate into my design. The first would be the tail /spine also the spikes that go down the back of the iguana. I also like the idea of using hands of the animal because i find them quite different and i am thinking about having the same skin on my portrait so that it gives texture and would kinf of show what type of animal i have been spliced with. These are just some intial ideas that i have got at the moment and now i have got to find of way to but them together with me to create my hybrid .

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