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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Development of Initial Story Ideas

This is my first development of my ideas and  I decided to put two of my initial ideas together.

It starts with the camera focused on a page from a book that states
"Dreamed of flying in space! You could look down on the earth far below, or upwards at the stars that you couldn't not seen from the ground. Be able to float around, free as a bird with no weight to pull you down !"

The book is knocked to the fall as the camera zooms out to reveal a young kid playing by himself. In a room that was filled with posters of astronauts, homemade planets, rocket ships, telescope and anything else you would associate with space. He somehow turned the attic into some kind of space station with anything he could find. This kid was always told when you grow up you can do anything if you put your mind to it and this kid believed that one day fly into space. But for this little boy he never got his dream.

Then we fast forward about 20 - 30 years to reveal this rude and miserable clown. Who returns home one day after getting some leave form the circus. Most of the time he sits in the armchair watching TV or sleeping. Until something inside he makes him walk towards the stair. He climbs the stairs towards the attic. He opens the attic door and flicks the light switch to reveal the attic that the little boy was playing in at the beginning. But covered in dust and feels like now one has been there in years as is abandoned. He stands there in amazement that is is still all there and then he slowly walks around the room. He starts to clean the dust off of things and the is spots the telescope by the window. He was using it last when he was in this room and it was still pointing up to the stars. He looks through the telescope and smiles to himself and the story ends with a image of what he can see thought the telescope.

Main character Profile
An 30 years old depressed clown that still lives at home and is has no female company. He is the totally the opposite of what a clown should be he is grumpy, horrible, makes children cry, not good with people, sarcastic basically not a nice person. All because he was unhappy with his life and carries this regret around, that he never pursued his dream. Instead he followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the family business 'THE CIRCUS' becoming a clown. His family thought that his dream of flying into space was just a faze he was going through and that he will join the circus after he finished school like every other person in his family. Then realise that this wasn't just a faze they decided that they had to crush his dream because they thought they knew what was best for him, by telling him it was unrealistic and that he would never achieve his dream. So he has become a clown and over time he has started to lose his faith, becoming depressed and rude.

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