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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Quick Sketches of Attic (Setting)

Here are some quick sketches of my setting for my story. With most of my initial story ideas the settings is a place were someone goes to be on their own and to dream. So with these sketches I have tried to make the attic seem realistic and a place were someone would go regularly to be on their own.

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  1. Hey Sasha - what if your character is a children's entertainer - who dreams of becoming an astronaut? I suggest you put the difficult object in the middle of your thinking and work out from there: somehow, your story reminds me of the movie, Explorers, in which 3 boys make their own spaceship from allsorts of different stuff:

    However, what happens if you were to have a clown-astronaut with unicycle space-vehicle? That would change things utterly? Think that's too much of a stretch, consider....

    Indeed, what about an 'astronaut circus'? I suggest you think more liberally about your story idea, because your 'astronaut' could be a want-to-be astronaut.

    The attic could be an observatory - with a great big telescope, and a roof that folds down to reveal the night-sky... spend some more time pressing the 'what if' button, before you commit. There's a great story in there somewhere. There always is!