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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Even More Development to Final Plot

Developing the previous story I decided to keep the little boy and the idea that the attic is a place where he feels the happiest and develop it form there. So I took away the ending and focused on why a boy would wants a place were he is happy and feels safe.

Act 1
It starts with a knock at the door, Mr Duke opens the door to find his only son Damien standing in between two police officers. Damien is standing their with smile plastered on his face as if he is proud of what is happening. We follow him as he is sent to his bedroom. He stands at the top of the stairs watching as his mother and father are told of what their son has done. As the viewer we are not told what he has done, we only see the reactions of his parents. As the officers leave, Damien takes his rucksack off and takes out a few different parts of a car. (headlight, aerial, wheel cap). He walks towards the attic door and quite opens the door and sneaks into the attic. All we can sees is a flash of little through the gap of the door when he opens and shuts the door. After a few minutes he reappears and with no objects in his hands. He walks towards his bedroom trying no to make a sound. When he stops and watches as his parents and in a middle of a heated conversation.

Act 2
Damien emerges from his bedroom the morning after ready for school, walks straight downstairs and out the front door. Without a glace or an explanation for last night. He waits at the bus stop but instead of getting on the bus when it arrives, when the bus drive off he is still sitting at the bus stop. He returns home to find that his parent have gone out. He starts to rummage around, collect and take random objects to the attic. Such as tin foil, knifes and forks, disco balls and other shinny objects. He then starts to take things form his neighbours gardens as he thinks that they are all at work. He takes, some clothes from a washing line, some metal pipes and a unicycle he found and starts to return home. When he can hear a knocking from a window without looking he just runs and doesn't look back. He runs straight indoors and to the attic. Where the door slams shut and a massive bang emerges for inside the room, the sound of everything hitting the floor.
Act 3
Is going to be the big reveal of what is in the attic. The attic is going to be revealed as a universe that he has created with the objects that he has found. Each shinny object is a star or a plant in this universe. It is reveal that the boy has this fascination with everything to do with space. It is his big secret that you wouldn't think a boy like Damien would like or even be interested in. Having the story end on a twist.
At the moment I am undecided between either just showing use whats in the attic or letting his parents or just one to stumble across what is in the attic.

Here is a quick character profile to help understand why the characters are why they ware.


He is your normal rebellious 10 yr old kid. He never use to be like this until a about 6 months ago when he started to notice the behaviour between his parents. They are always fighting and Damien does what he does just to get their attention but it just seems to make things worst between them. The attic is a secret place that know one not even us to the last act are allowed to know what is inside there. It is a place were he feels the happiest and away from the constant fighting of his parents. A place were he can dream about getting away one day and being what he wants to be an astronaut.

The Dukes'

Mr & Mrs Dukes' were a happy couple until 6 moths ago when Mr duke lost his job and they have been in finical trouble ever since. They have tried to keep this from Damien but deep down they know that he knows and that the constant arguing and fighting are the reason for the dramatic change in their sons behaviour. They try there best not the argue in front of him but what they don't know is that the boy can hear everything from above in his bedroom.

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