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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ideas So Far ...

Here are my initial ideas they are really rough at the moment ....

1. Starts with a young boy who has been sent to the attic to clean it up as his punishment. But instead of tidying up as he was told, he decided to muck around with what he can find in the attic. One object he comes across is a unicycle, deciding to have a go he ends up on falling on  a covered up old chest. In a mood he kicks the chest but the lock breaks off and it pops open. curiosity gets to him and decides to have a peak inside the chest. To find and old  astronaut uniform covered in dust. He decides to put the uniform on and as he takes the uniform of the chest he sees and old scrapbook. Going through the scrapbook he see photos after photo but does not recognise anyone. Until he comes across a newspaper clipping and he recognises the man in the photo as he grandfather. But then a shadow appears over him he turns around in shock to find his grandfather looking down at him. The boy thinks he is going to be told off what he has found but instead his grandad starts to smile as the memories of his past start to come flooding back to him. They both sit together as he tells the stories of he times as an astronaut as the boy himself sits in the uniform and listen with at enjoyment at his grandfather stories.

2. An attic is the perfect place for a little boy who's dream is to be an astronaut. It is the nearest he can get to the stars, just sitting and dream of going into space on day. We start with a little boy dress in astronaut pj's climbing the stairs to the attic when he get the to top and the door states that NO ENTRY!. Turning the light on first reveals just a bunch of boxes and some random object like a TV, clothes and even a unicycle. But the boy just walks straight through all of it and behind a stack of boxes. Behind those boxes is where the boy has created he own space ship just near the window. He pretends that he is sent up to space and he just sits there looking out of the window up into the sky at the stars. But then he is brought back into reality when he can he his mum shouting his name. Then all of a sudden a shadow appears and the attic door and the boy knows that it is time for him to go. But he will back tomorrow to dream again that hopefully that one day he will be able to fly into space. The boy walks to the door and just stares back and finally closes the attic door.

3. A retired astronaut spends his days trying to find something that makes him feel alive again like just like he did when he was in space. But nothing can replace that feeling and every time he tries he fails and makes him feel that little bit depressed. He latest try was to learn how the ride and unicycle but like everything else it failed. He places the unicycle with everything else he has tried in his attic. As he goes to walk out he catches a glimpse of a photo hanging on the wall, a crew photo on their first mission. He walks to the back of the attic to a dusty old wardrobe that looks as if it has not been opened in years. He hesitates but opens the wardrobe to reveal his uniform and for a while he just stands in silence. Putting that uniform on makes him feel alive again like it did the very first time he put in on 40 years ago. But he knows that it is the past and takes it off and hangs it back up. Shutting the wardrobe door and backing away to leave the attic. But as he goes to shut the attic door he turns around and smiles to himself.
4. A grumpy old retired astronaut uses his attic as a perfect place to hide form his wife and spend most of his days there. In a attic that is fall of storage but somehow he has found away to make it feels like his own den the perfect place of him and  him alone. His wife notices that he goes to attic in a huff but returns in a better mood. But what know one knows is that when he is up in the attic on his own he like to pretend that he is a astronaut still. Putting on his old uniform and re acting his memories make him feel happy again like as if he was still an astronaut. The reason for why he is always in a better mood when he returns. But one day when he was in his attic he does not hear the knock on the attic door. The door opens to reveal his grandson and to his shock he sees his grandfather dress as a astronaut. They both stare at each other and burst into laughter, this was the first time the boy had seen his grandfather so happy. They spend the rest of the day re acting and listen to his stories, With the pair falling asleep after a enjoyable day.


  1. I like 2 and 3 the best, I'm a sap for the introspective ending. I think you should incorporate the unicycle more into the story though; perhaps in a flashback? In #3 The retired man could have a flashback after seeing the crew picture on the wall, could show him perhaps riding the unicycle on the moon? This would explain why an old man would think to try and learn the unicycle (something a little out of the ordinary for most pensioners?).

  2. Yer I think I need to incorprate the unicycle abit more as well. But finding it a bit hard to incorprate it without it seeming wired for why it is there in the first place.I am liking your idea about about the retired man having a flashback which will help with incorprating it into my story.