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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Ebullient Pepper Mill - Amended Treatment

Here is my amended treatment I changed a few things making it a little bit more simpler which will make it that more easier to understand my story when it come to my final animatic.


  1. This revision is much more fast-paced. I think this is promising.

    A few points:

    1) Consider how music will impact your animation. Look at musical styles in Italian identity - think about the theme of the restaurant and what music will fit in with the theme, connecting the fast-paced action - eventually leads to the mess!

    2) Integrating Human Factors into the pepper mill: it competes to get the customers' attentions. So maybe some of the pepper could represent sweat? (Silly I know!) In Act 3, a wave of tiredness suddenly hits the pepper mill, alongside his excitement and enthusiasm.

    I hope some of this input helps out, however, pay particular emphasis to musical influences. Music can greatly affect your visual direction for the story. :-)

  2. yep - much clearer now - but you should give specific thought now to the precise action of Act 2 - all the physical comedy - think of it, perhaps as one of those chain reaction moments that the pepper mill sets in motion: similar to...

    It means the pepper mill could bring the whole place crashing down!