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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Research Into Pepper Mills

 Definition : a hand mill for grinding peppercorns with the first Known Use was in 1739
Today, pepper is on tables everywhere from restaurants to homes. So it is quiet hard to believe that pepper used to be a sought-after spice, so rare that some cultures accepted it as currency. Pepper accounts for about 25 percent of the world's spice trade, and has been known as a seasoning for at least 3,000 years.

The Functions of a Pepper Mill

A pepper mill may have a crank on top, or the mill itself may twist, bringing together two metal burrs that grind the peppercorns into a usable spice, suitable for cooking or for sprinkling on top of cooked food. The idea for the pepper mill came from the coffee mill. It was a quick step for the enterprising cook to use his coffee mill to grind peppercorns, rather than using a mortar and pestle. The pepper mill was then created in a smaller size, more suitable for the smaller peppercorns.
The different Types Available :
The classic wooden Style

This style of pepper mill's are the types  that many restaurant will be using and they are seen as traditional because they were one of the first styles of pepper mills.

Turkish Pepper Mill

Electric Pepper Mill's
Bring it into more modern times the pepper mill has been designed so that it is electrical but doing the same thing that past deigns have done. The classic wooden style has become more stylish with bright colours and metallic style. These type of pepper mills are rarely seen in restaurant but are the type that you would have in your kitchen.

Modern Day Pepper Mill's

Today's pepper mill's are seen as more stylish items, that you would have on the work surface of your kitchen.  With the use of stainless steel  which is durable and looks nice in a contemporary or styled home Also plastic or acrylic has become a more common material used to make pepper mills today. It's might not the most durable and it can easily crack however, it is are easy to clean and inexpensive.

After looking at the different styles I decided to do some quick sketches to help with getting the correct shape for my own pepper mill. At the moment I am drawn to the classic wooden style for my own pepper mill because of there curvy shape which could help when it comes to animating it.


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