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Monday, 14 March 2011

The Ebullient Pepper Mill - The Treatment

Here is the treatment, the step outline, the premise and the logline for "The Ebullient Pepper Mill".


  1. I like your treatment. Will the waiter see the new peppermill jumping up with joy? I know if I was that waiter, I would hesistate if it started moving. :)

  2. Thank You :). Well I am undecided about that really. I am not sure whether to have it so that only the audience would see the pepper mill jumping around with excitement when a customer distracts the waiter. Or to include the waiters reaction to seeing the pepper mill jumping around. I think that it is something I will have to have a think about!

  3. Hey Sasha,

    I like the idea of your peppermill being 'high maintenance' in terms of its over-excitement; I just think that, maybe, you could go for an even simpler set-up, with the peppermill bringing chaos to a table-top in its desire to please. I'm thinking there could be some comedy, involving meatballs bouncing all over the place as the peppermill is seeking attention etc - basically knocking stuff over and causing a mess - without realising it - rather like Domantas's waiter from Unit 4. In its efforts to get to the end of the table or similar, it. unwittingly, knocks wine glasses flying, launches salt-cellars into the air etc. I don't think it necessary helps you by having a lot of other peppermills - just make the peppermil compete with everything else on the table - in terms of staging, this means your peppermill won't have to compete in terms of shape etc.