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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rough Story Ideas for The Ebullient Pepper Mill

Here are my first ideas that I had when I  found out what my object and behaviour would be.  My ideas are pretty rough at the moment and development is definitely needed but this is what I have come up with so far.

- A new and young pepper mill is over flowing with excitement and enthusiastic to be used by one of the customer in a restaurant. It sits on the side waiting to be used but never is because none of the customer would like pepper on their dinner. As the pepper mill sits on the side it is picked on by other food condiments such as salt, ketchup, vinegar, etc. But the pepper mill never loses that enthusiasm until one day a customer asks for pepper. The pepper mill is about to burst with excitement and just as the waiter goes to turn the top of the pepper mill. The customer changes their mind and the pepper mill is taken back to the side. Ending with the other condiments laughing and sneering at the pepper mill.

- My second ideas was to have two pepper mills, one being new, young and very ebullient. With the other being the opposite old, used and grumpy. The new pepper mill is enthusiastic to learn starts to get on the other pepper mills nervous. The are always frighting and bickering with each other until one day the older pepper has enough of the constant excitement, pushes the younger one off the table. Ending with in silence after all the talking and jumping around the younger pepper mill has been doing.

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