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Friday, 25 March 2011

Pepper Mill (character) sketches

One thing I noticed with my character sketches and my animatic is that my character (the pepper mill) looks too static  and there is very little movement expressed. After talking to Meg today, she advised me to be more loose with the my pen and to just go with it, when it comes to squashing and stretching my character. So I decided to do some quick sketches of my character with this in mind and I am really happy how they turn out. But more practice is need to add more personality to my character.  

1 comment:

  1. These are really great, Sasha - so much more 'animated' and 'characterful' now - I really like the drawings where the top of the peppermill looks like a beret! :D

    Maybe the peppermill is in a French restaurant? You could adopt some cultural stereotyping to lend more 'character' to your peppermill (without changing your story) - for example:

    Your pepper mill could be striped, with a different coloured 'beret' - there's something very 'french' about some of your drawings. Congrats on embracing this exercise - it's really moved things forward! :D