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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Unit 5 Animation - The Ebullient Pepper Mill

For unit 5 we had to pick out one object and one behaviour which our animation will be based on. So the Object that I picked out was a pepper mill which is a type of  kitchen utensil that is used  to grind peppercorns. I didn't realise how many types of pepper mills there are until I did a quick image search. The influence map below shows just a few of the types available.

The behaviour I picked out was Ebullient and the definition of Ebullient is someone that is overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement; high-spirited.

So in the end my animation will be called The Ebullient Pepper Mill. I am thinking that my story could be about a pepper mill that is showing so much enthusiasm and excitement to be used but I  have got a couple of ideas but nothing is definite just yet.

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