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Saturday, 26 March 2011

@Phil - Essay Introduction and Structuring

I have research into my essay but I have sat down to start structuring my essay I seem to be struggling for some reason. I was wondering if you could have a look through what I think the structure of my essay should be and say if I am on the right track or if I am drifting away from answering the question please .

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  1. Hey Sasha - this is your strongest intro yet - you're really beginning to get a handle on the style - I've made a few amendments below: take a look and reflect on the revisions in terms of how they tighten things up. Also, instead of putting film and book titles between quotation marks, just put them in italics instead. The same is true of Pixar - put the studio's name in italics each time too. Also, when you refer to reviews, be specific (whose reviews published where?) and when you refer to the 'animated shorts' - again, be specific - refer to them by title and give them their respective dates.

    *This written assignment is a critical analysis of the pioneer of computer generated animation, John Lasseter. Research sources include Amid Amidi's The Art of Pixar short film in which Pixar’s strong legacy of short filmmaking and creative process are explained, James Clarke's Animated Films, which examines the history of animation through close analysis of key films, and the BBC documentary, From Pencil To Pixels charting the development of animation from its earliest practitioners. Additional sources include reviews from (be specific) and interviews with Lasseter. This assignment will begin by looking at Lasseter’s life, his animation career and will conclude by assessing Lasseter’s contribution to the development of computer animation with reference to Pixar’s animated shorts and first full length computer animated film Toy Story (1995)*

    Your structure seems reasonable, but maybe you should consider emphasizing Lasseter's philosophy in terms of the value of storytelling - or, to put it another way, ensure that this aspect of his approach to animation is the bit that shapes the argument of your assignment. You want to avoid getting stuck into anything too biographical (Lasseter did this, then he did that) - because your emphasis should be 'critical' - i.e. drawing conclusions from his decisions and applying them to your argument. Really, Pixar are known for their scripts and characters first, and their digital animation second; this is Lasseter's contribution to digital animation - old-fashioned storytelling. I suggest you look to prove this point.