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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Ebullient Pepper Mill - Animatic without sound

Here is just a first try of putting this animatic together with my storyboard. It is just really simple without any sound and no effects so that I can actually picture my animation. Now i have got to find the right sound track and effects to go with my animatic. So here it is .... 

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  1. Interim Online Review 22/03/2011

    Hey Sasha,

    In story terms - yes - it works, and I like the ariel view at the end revealing the scene of destruction. That said, you've got a bit of a 'frozen' POV going on, with your peppermill just acting up right in the middle of the screen, and it makes for quite a dull composition. I'm going to suggest that you think about a greater variety of camera positions; for instance, if the 'camera' was on the table, or more close-ups etc. I did leave what must have looked like a random link on your blog a while back, of the sultan character from Aladdin - just to give you some ideas maybe about adding more character to your peppermill. Also, in terms of the animation itself, it just feels that you need much greater exaggeration etc. and really exploit squash and stretch etc. Do some research into 'rubber hose' animation and see how far they push the elasticity of their objects:

    Your essay proposal is solid enough, just don't get too bogged down in descriptive, autobiographical stuff - try and bring out Lasseter's values as a story-teller etc., as opposed to his life-story. It's a common weakness in essays 'about' people.