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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Essay Proposal

For my essay we were asked to film/computer game and analysis the production design so I was thinking about writing about the film Alien. I found some really interesting book in the library about the development of the film and the concept art that went into the making of the film. I thought that I would be able to talk about HR Giger and Ridley Scott the film designers behind the film. I wasn’t sure if this is okay because I haven’t seen the film itself so should I choose a film/computer game that I have watched or played. If so I was thinking writing about the Jurassic Park films.


  1. Sasha - just watch the film! You can't write about something you haven't experienced. Alien is a GREAT film - it will certainly be no hardship to view it. I've got a copy at home - let me know if you want to borrow - otherwise, the library will surely have a dvd... now, Alien is a big, rich, wonderful film in terms of production and 'systems of metaphor' - I suggest you create a specific post for your essay research, and just use the edit function to keep adding research material to it as you read/copy-paste articles/reviews/books etc - make sure you keep a bibliographic list of all sources you use, likewise with your illustrations. It's like making an online ring-binder for all your stuff, and then you know it's all in one place when you come to write the essay. But first, watch the film - and enjoy it (Turn the lights off first though... evil laugh).

  2. Oh okay. So would it be possible for me to borrow you copy so that I can watch the film and then I can start researching into the film for my essay. Please :)