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Friday, 19 November 2010

Film Review - Avatar 2009

James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar is a visual master piece that is so worth the watch.  The film itself had taken around 14 years to develop and make as well “Avatar is a hugely rewarding experience: rich, soulful and exciting in the way that only comes from seeing a master artist at work.” The best thing is that he just gets straight in there with the story  and giving us very little background details. We don’t even get time to settle into the film before we are introduced to the land of Pandora. Which a master piece itself.

Ex marine Jake Sully our main star finds himself literally thrown into the world of Pandora.  When his twin brother is killed in combat and Jake is asked to take his brothers place seeing as they have similar DNA.  As they have the same DNA his neural pathways will connect easier to the Avatar. An Avatar is a creature that is a hybrid of bother human and Na’vi, the people of Pandora. His goal is to infiltrate the tribe and gain their trust. To then help the Earth military destroy the living planet to gain a new type of material that is worth millions. But for Jake it a new chance for him as he from own time in combat he is crippled from the waist down. He is now able to run and walk again what he has not been able to do for ages. Through the time that he spends with the Na’vi he begins to learn about them and their culture. But what Jake does not expect is to fall in love but in the back on his mind he knows that he was sent there to do a job. By the end of the film Jake joins the Na’vi and fights against the people that set him there.


Avatar’s amazing landscapes and the stunningly creation of the  Na’vi creatures have you hooked when you first see the world of Pandora. In the back of your mind you know that it’s not real and that it is CG created. “Cameron and his crew have taken the art of digital deception to a whole new level.”This films was so well made it shows us how films have developed through time  and what future films have to live up to.

This films as well as many other things can be seen as a love story. James Cameron has taken that well known love story boy meet girl they fall in love that most films use.  With the use of CG has but twist on it and have made it into something much more. “But Cameron seems to have the ability to transform that into something far more epic than initially imaginable.” As well when Jake travels into his Avatar his body and mind are separated. This can be seen as a metaphor for afterlife. He leaves his body but his mind moves into a new body/life the avatar.

The storytelling might not be the best but what it loses here makes up on with the design and CG which are remarkable. This film is inspiring to watch as it shows how a world can be created for a film and still look real to the viewer.

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