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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Research into Expressionism Art Movement

Expressionism is an art movement that originating in Germany at the start of the 20th century . It is an artistic style in which the image of reality is more or less heavily distorted with colour and shapes in order for it to express the artist inner feelings or ideas about it. As the art expresses their inner feelings and thoughts the work itself tends to be emotional and can sometimes be mystical. In expressionist art colour in particular can be highly intense and brushwork is typically free and the paint being apply tends to be generous and highly textured.
 The are many well known expressionists most of them begin German themselves. To help with the development of my ideas I decided to look closely at some artist form this era. Here are just a couple i have looked at briefly.

Edvard Munch

Born - 12 December 1863
Died - 23 January 1944
Nationality - Norwegian
Movement - Expressionism
Best Known Work -                        The Scream (1893)

Whose intense, evocative treatment of psychological and emotional themes was a major influence on the development of German Expressionism  in the early 20th century. His work often included the symbolic portrayal of such themes as misery, sickness, and death." The Scream" is his most famous painting   "Munch's work had been frequently connected to his emotional pain and instability." could be said to be expressing his feelings at that time.

The Sun (1912)

Evening on Karl Johan  (1892)

Here is are a few painting form famous artist form the Expressionism era that I find interesting to look at.

Oskar Kokoschka - Polperro II  1939
 Max Beckmann - Blick auf Vorstädte am Meer bei Marseille (1937)
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - View of Basel and the Rhine (1921)

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