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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Photoshop - Development

Even though I have not finished developing the House of Usher i decided that i could add that in on another layer after i have focused on the front of the picture for a while. So these are just experiments with the trees and doing this has help with the development to my one of my final piece. With the first couple I thought that there are two many trees and it looks busy .

So I decided to remove a couple of trees and I think it looks better this way.


  1. This has come on a lot, Sasha - I like the spidery qualities - and it's very Hammer horror too. I look forward to your decisions re. colour and texture - this is classic 'old dark house' stuff - and it's working nicely.

  2. Thank You for the feedback. This is the piece that i liking the best at the moment. I am having a bit of trouble with making a decision with how i am going to colour it when it comes to it. I am in two minds to go with dull colours to get that feeling of horror or to add some bright colours so that i doesn't look boring. Hopefully experiment with both will help me make the decision.

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