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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Photoshop - The Pit and the Pendulum

For one of my final concept piece's I have decided to with  the scene in The Pit and Pendulum were he finally wakes up in his prison and what he imagines the prison to look like as it is darkness at that moment. So here is the development from my original thumbnail. The first couple of images are experiment with the perspective till I found one that suits the description. Now I am adding the things that are in the text such as the door that quickly opens, the stone walls etc.

@Phil : I have been looking back through the the brief to check that I am on the right track and I saw  that it ask for 5 preparatory studies for each painting. I was wondering what exactly is the brief asking me to do because I am starting to worry that I haven't done this stage.

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  1. Hey Sasha - 'preparatory studies' just means the work you do before you get to the finished piece - for example, I think this composition above is too symmetrical - what it actually communicates is your grasp of perspective and not a huge amount else - and I think just moving the vanishing point to the left or right, would add more interest; if you were to create another composition, then this image above would be a 'preparatory study'.

    For an illustration of what I mean re. moving the vanishing point out of the centre see this:

    If you look at his first drawings and compare to his last, the effect is clear to see.