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Monday, 1 November 2010

Research- Architecture

One of the descriptions that i have been thinking of recreating is his external description of the House of Usher when he arrives at the mansion but also impression/feeling he had towards the house. So i decide to look at architecture of building to try to get a picture of what i would like my interpretation to look like.

The first book i looked at was "The Country Houses in Perspective". In this book it is full of old country house and i thought that this would help with my ideas.

In this book i found this image of the country house that i would like my idea to be based on. But to make it relate to the description i think that i should look into Gothic architecture and then combined the two to produce the house that is described in the text.  

The next booked i looked at is about castles and fortress but i wasn't looking them but the surrounding of the castles etc. In the description it mentions the surrounding of the House of Usher. This book help me by showing that the surroundings can help with the feeling you are try to portray about the house/castle.


Here are just a few images from the book that i found helpfully.

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  1. Hey Sasha - check out black and white infrared photography as a source of inspiration for morbid architecture - it does great stuff to spooky buildings; do an image search and see for yourself...

    also, check out this website - LOADS of inspiration here...

    and don't forget this most infamous of gothic American houses from Hitchcock's Psycho...

    and this one, from the original Addams Family...